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Bible Question

When is medicine first mentioned in the Bible?

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Dear Friends…

Last Sunday we decided to simply remove “the couch” from the front of our worship space, from which we’ve been hosting interviews of newer faces in our church family NEARLY EVERY WEEK (except during the Christmas season) SINCE SEPTEMBER!!!  The realization that we’d been doing it for that long is pretty humbling, especially considering that there are a handful of newer folks who just aren’t under-the-lights types, who love our church but who have no interest in sitting on that couch in front of everyone, which is totally understandable! (We love you all too!!!)

The irony was thick on Sunday though, because there were LOADS of visitors in church!  It may have been because we were celebrating the end of our midweek children’s ministries for this year during worship and hosting the kids’ pinewood derby races in the basement after church.  Maybe the weather was just right.  Maybe Tom Bos, our Director of Building & Grounds, powered up some sort of “bat-signal” I don’t know about or something.  Whatever the reason for all the extra visitors, we had so many new faces in our midst, I didn’t have time to connect with all of them after worship before people started trickling out and heading home!

However…Southern Heights showed the kind of hospitality and warmth you always do, and I know that those I did not make it to were greeted and welcomed by numerous others.  THANK YOU!  THIS is how we continue, as a church family, to carry on and carry out the ministry that the couch has served for us over the past several months, when there are too many visitors, when guests are less comfortable up-front, etc.  We have to be warm and hospitable and welcoming and eager to meet new friends during coffee/snack time after worship!  And it is really important for ME to do that (so please bring new people to meet me, and feel free to interrupt my other conversations to introduce me to new folks!)…but I am only one person and won’t be able to meet or connect well with every newcomer.  We ALL have to be involved in this.

When you do this, you might just be welcoming a visitor to our church once.  But you might be opening a door that helps someone who’s been staying away from church – or away from God – to come close to Him again.  Your welcome of a person could very well have an impact that resounds in eternity.

WORSHIP starts at 10:30 on Sunday morning at 4141 East Hillandale, just like always.  But come early and feel free to stay late (even if you don’t see the Southern Heights bat-signal in the morning clouds), and help welcome every soul to our church family in the Name of Jesus!

His…Pastor todd <><

Upcoming Events at Southern Heights

These are highlights only.  CLICK HERE for the calendar to see a full listing

March 26 – Adult Education class – “How NOT to Read the Bible

March 26 – Egg Stuffing Party (after worship) – Help stuff eggs for the “Trunk Hop”

April 2 – “Trunk Hop” Candy and Lessons of Easter

April 2 – Palm Sunday – special worship in Fellowship Hall with Palm Branches

April 5 – No Wednesday night ministries except Middle School (6-7:45pm) due to Easter Break

April 6 – Maundy Thursday Communion Service – 6:30pm

April 9 – Easter

April 16 – Adult Education class – “How NOT to Read the Bible

April 16 – Outreach Emphasis Sunday – Pastor Dan Sarkipato, guest speaker
      Followed by a special “Appetizers from around the World” in the Fellowship Hall

April 19 – 1st & 3rd Wednesdays – Middle School, Women’s & Men’s Ministries
– 10am – Women’s Ministry – same lesson as 6pm
– 5:15 to 6:00pm – Pizza
– 6pm to 7:30pm – Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry – upstairs
– 6pm to 8:00pm – Middle School – 6th to 8th Grade

April 23 – Good Ol’ Fashioned Hymn Sing – 5:30pm

May 7 – Pizza with the Pastor


Every Sunday:
– 9am – Education Hour – for Middle School, High School and Adults
– Noon – Lunch Bunch – meets in the lobby right after worship


We are already planning for our annual Easter “Trunk Hop”.  In order to do this well, we will need a LOT of Easter candy.  If you feel so inclined, please consider donating some small individually-wrapped Easter candy in the basket in our lobby (that can fit inside a plastic egg).  It will really help make Easter special to a child.  Thank you!


Our annual Easter Trunk Hop will be on April 2.  It is a fun morning of games, music, food and, of course, Easter candy for the children.  Candy will be in the trunks of cars and the children will “HOP” from trunk to trunk gathering some while they hear stories of Jesus and Easter.  There will be animals and crafts as well.  After the Trunk Hop we will gather downstairs in the Fellowship Hall for a special Palm Sunday worship gathering with actual palm branches.

How NOT to Read the Bible

(Adult Ed Class – 9am Sundays)

Difficult questions arise when we read the Bible. Is God pro violence? Does God endorse slavery? Should we all be vegetarians? Are tattoos sinful? Why does the Bible feel so anti-women and anti-science? Questions like these have caused many to walk away from faith – likely you or someone you are close to.

We need to address these issues that come up about the Bible. In a casual and non-threatening way, bestselling author and pastor Dan Kimball explores these objections and more. The good news is that there are reasonable responses to these good and understandable questions.

Join us for Education Hour on Sundays from 9-10am for this impactful lesson.

Palm Sunday

Celebrate Palm Sunday together and worship with REAL Palm branches. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall since this is immediately after the “Trunk Hop” which will be outside.  Invite your friends to the “Trunk Hop” and invite them to stay for Palm Sunday service.

Maundy Thursday

Thursday, April 6 from 6:30 to 7:15pm, take time to reflect and remember Jesus’ last days before his death and resurrection.  We will have a quiet service of introspection culminating with the Lord’s Supper.


Outreach Emphasis Sunday – April 16

We have a special day on April 16 – Outreach Emphasis Sunday.  The theme this year is “Taste and See That the Lord is Good”.  During the worship gathering we will display flags from the countries and areas we support.  We will see videos of greetings sent from our supported missionaries from around the world (gotta love technology).  We will hear an update from our own Dennis Boersema about Honduras and TEE Church that we support. And we will hear from Luke Deubner, our Outreach Team leader.

After the worship gathering, we will go downstairs to the Fellowship Hall for a special “Taste and See” appetizer gathering.  The Outreach Team will provide samples of appetizers representing food from around the world.  Come “Taste and See” and hear about what God is doing.

A Good Word

Sunday Morning Education Hour

Education Hour is from 9am to 10am for Middle School, High School and Adults.

There will be no Ed Hour on April 2 and 9 for Palm Sunday and Easter Break

Middle School Ed. Hour
Taught by Gregg Jones as he brings not only his heart for education, but also his artistic abilities to learning.

High School Ed. Hour
 Taught by Doug Koning and Amy Triemstra.  They team up to bring amazing teaching that high schoolers love.

Adult Ed Hour:
March 26
Easter Break (no ed hour April 2 & 9)
April 16, 23, 30
How NOT to Read the Bible

1st & 3rd Wednesdays

The Children’s Ministry (Nursery to 5th Grade) portion of Wednesday nights is over
(Thanks for a great season),


Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry and Middle School Ministry continue.
Women’s Ministry meets at 10am
Pizza – 5:15pm
Women’s Ministry – 6pm
Men’s Ministry – 6pm
Middle School Ministry – 6pm to 7:45pm.

NOTE: On April 5 (a 1st Wednesday) only Middle School Student Life will meet from 6-8pm.
All other groups have the night off due to Easter Break.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Hymn Sing

Join us on April 23 at 5:30pm in the sanctuary for a Hymn Sing.  If you have any favorites, you may give your requests to Chris Augustine.

Do You Have a Praise or Prayer Request?

Click on our prayer prompter image or email deborahbos2@gmail.com and your prayer or praise will be included in our weekly Prayer Prompter, which is received and prayed over by many in our Southern Heights family.  Please let us know if your request is confidential and it will only be shared with a small group of elders and staff who will be confidentially praying for you.


Life is better…together.  Life Groups are a wonderful way to have deeper relationships with other believers.  They’re where you can really share your struggles together and rejoice in the successes of life.  If you want to join a group, click on the picture to find out more, or email Tami Koning at tamikoning@yahoo.com

Your Offerings to God

As of March 19, 2023

If you have any questions about your giving, if you want a statement sent to you, or if you would like a reminder of what your First Fruits estimate is, please email our Treasurer, Jeff Baas at jmbaas1@gmail.com.  We are happy to help in any way possible.

Free & Confidential Counseling is Available

If you feel the need to talk to a professional counselor, we have a Church Assistance Program (CAP) with Pine Rest Mental Health Services. To get started – or for more info – call 800.442.0809, press 1, and mention our Southern Heights CAP membership when you call.

Free Covid Home Tests Available

If you would like to receive free home Covid tests, please contact Judy at the church office.

Answer to the Bible Question

When God gave Moses two tablets.