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Bible Humor

How strong was the faith of the men who lowered the paralytic to be healed by Jesus?

Scroll to the very bottom for the answer.

Upcoming Events at Southern Heights

These are highlights only.  CLICK HERE to see the calendar for a full listing.

June 12 – Women’s Weekly Wednesday Bible Study – 10am

June 19 – Women’s Weekly Wednesday Bible Study – 10am

June 26 – Women’s Weekly Wednesday Bible Study – 10am

July 3 – Women’s Weekly Wednesday Bible Study – 10am

July 7 – Jeff Blamer – Guest Preacher – teachings from Israel

July 10 – Women’s Weekly Wednesday Bible Study – 10am

July 14 – Installation of new Elders and Deacons – Communion

July 17 – Women’s Weekly Wednesday Bible Study – 10am

July 20 to 26 – Student Ministry Mission Trip to West Virginia

July 21 – Guest Pastor – Joey DeKoekkoek

July 24 – Women’s Weekly Wednesday Bible Study – 10am

July 28 – Guest Pastor – Joey DeKoekkoek

August 4 – Guest Pastor – Curtis DeVries

PSummer in the PSalms

This PSummer will be  PSpecial as we PStudy the PSalms.
Every PSunday we will turn to a new PSalm for PSpiritual PStimulation.
PShow up this PSummer and PSpend the PSeason learning with us.

Women’s Weekly Wednesday Bible Study

The women of Southern Heights have a weekly Wednesday Bible study in the conference room.  Come and meet new friends and deepen your knowledge of Jesus together.


The Children’s Ministry is excited to offer “VEGGIE SUMMER” – a Veggie Tales themed education program that will happen every Summer Sunday during worship gatherings.  The children 2nd grade and younger will be dismissed to the nursery where a theater room has been setup.  They will watch a Veggie Tales episode and they will learn about God’s Word and important Bible stories that are taught through the “Veggie Tales” videos and crafts.  The children will love it.

Encouragement from Scripture

A Message from TEE/Gathering Hearts

We here at Gathering Hearts for Honduras, are so very grateful for the generous donation you gave for food distribution.

I am not sure if you know that our area of Honduras has been without rain for three months. As a result, we have high temperatures, very poor air quality, and power outages. More people are without work, and as always, the very impoverished suffer.

Thanks to you, we are able to reach out to those in need, distributing food throughout the various villages.

As I have mentioned to you before, God not only uses this to feed the poor, but also to bring them to Christ. TEE has become a hub for humanitarian aid as well as a place of worship where all are welcome.

Southern Heights , you dear donors, has been a big part of this.

TEE has grown to capacity; a steady stream of people is accepting the Lord. Yesterday, one of our students came to church and had a wondrous conversion experience. We praise God for all that is happening here, but we also thank you for your kind-hearted generosity to these people.

Have a Praise or Prayer Request?

Click on this prayer prompter image or email deborahbos2@gmail.com and your prayer or praise will be included in our weekly Prayer Prompter, which is received and prayed over by many in our Southern Heights family. Tell us if your request is confidential and it will only be shared with elders and staff, who will confidentially pray for you.

Jeff Blamer on July 7

July 7 we will have a special guest – Jeff Blamer.  Jeff has led numerous trips to Israel and has taught many people all over the world about the Holy Land.  Come and hear his teaching which is of special interest considering all of the events happening in Israel at this time.  Join us July 7 at 10:30am at Southern Heights.

Church Picnic – Save the Date – Aug 11

August 11 we will have our annual church picnic and potluck.  Save the date and we will all have a great time together.


If you feel the need to talk to a professional counselor, we have a confidential Church Assistance Program (CAP) with Pine Rest Mental Health Services. To get started – or for more info – call 616.455.6210 or 800.442.0809 and mention our Southern Heights CAP membership when you do.

Answer to Bible Humor

Their faith was “through the roof”.