STUDENT LIFE – Middle School is a great time to learn about the complexities of life and how following Jesus can bring peace into very hard situations. Great friendships are made here that can last a lifetime.

STUDENT LIFE – Middle School meets every Wednesday from September thru May. We start with an optional hangout time from 4:30 to 6 pm. This is a fun time to play games, hang out with friends, do homework and have a snack.

Our meetings start at 6 pm with a light supper followed by a time of worship and concluding with either a discussion time or a service project. Our discussions time consists of a 10 minute lead in to our topic, followed by 20 minutes of small group discussion.

Once a month, we have a service night where we usually leave the building and do things like visit an elderly living facility, hand out snack bags to the homeless, pick up trash, make tie blankets, shoveling, raking, and handing out water on a trail.