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Bible Trivia

There are 5 “Solas” of Christianity.  What does “Sola Scriptura” mean?

Scroll to the very bottom for the answer.


Dear Friends,

This past Tuesday, things got a little crazy for many of us here in SW Michigan when all the alerts and sirens started piercing the night sky, along with nearly-continuous lightning and thunder.  When the alarms go off, there seem to be two kinds of people: those who run to the TV…and those who run to the porch. 🙂

If you live in a house with at least one other person, there’s a good chance you’ve got at least one of each of these (…wrote the porch-dwelling pastor with a twinkle in his eye).  It may be easy for porch dwellers to think of TV watchers as overly analytical or too anxious, or for TV watchers to think of porch dwellers as downright crazy or reckless.

However, the reality is that when we discover something is wrong, we ALL want to diagnose it, to learn more information.  TV people want to hear from professionals about the atmospheric conditions, where danger is on the map, and what advice they may have about how to stay safe.  Porch people want to assess the conditions for themselves, feel the air, listen, look in the direction the threat seems to be coming from, and try to decide if they should panic or pull up a chair and enjoy the show.  As the saying goes: it takes all kinds!

Let’s try to remember the truth of this in the coming months.  When our society and our world faces what feels like unprecedented stress, some of us will be inclined to run to “professionals” – on the TV and other platforms – to help us assess the situation and know the way forward.  Some of us will instinctively try to get away from professionals and just look at the world itself, the situation and conditions literally right in front of our physical bodies and circumstances.  We will need each other.  We always do.  (It’s our responsibility as Jesus-followers…check out Colossians 3:12-17!)

Whatever kind of person you are, how about we get together and lift the Name of Jesus this Sunday?  10:30am at 4141 East Hillandale.  We’ll save you a seat.  (And we’ve got both screens up front for the TV people and windows in the back for the porch people, so something for everyone!). See you Sunday!

His…Pastor todd <><

Upcoming Events at Southern Heights

These are highlights only.  CLICK HERE to see the calendar for a full listing.

March 3 – Begin accepting Elder and Deacon Nominations

March 3 – High School Ministry in eve

March 6 – 1st and 3rd Wednesday Ministries
– 10:00am – Women’s Ministry: morning edition
– 5:15pm – Light pizza supper
– 6-7:30pm – Gems: 1st to 5th grade girls
– 6-7:30pm – Cadets: 1st to 5th grade boys
– 6-7:45pm – Middle School Student Life
– 6-7:30pm – Women’s Ministry (same subject as in the morning)
– 6-7:30pm – Men’s Ministry

March 10 – GEMS and CADET Sunday – 10:30am

March 10 – Cadet Derby Car Races – Sunday after worship gathering

March 17 – Egg Stuffing after worship – High School Ministry in eve

March 20 – 1st and 3rd Wednesday Ministries

March 22 – Senior Breakfast – 9am – LaRues

March 24 – Trunk Hop, Palm Sunday

March 31 – Easter

April 7 – Outreach Emphasis Sunday

Parking Request

We are growing in numbers (as we also grow in our faith).
Because of this, our Upper Parking Lot is becoming full, and that makes it difficult for newer people to navigate their way to the sanctuary on Sundays.

So if you are a “regular” and if you are able, would you consider parking in the lower lot to make room for our guests, our newer friends and those with mobility concerns?

This will be very helpful – thank you!

Gems and Cadet Sunday – March 10

Sunday, March 10th we will celebrate our Gems and Cadets (our girls and boys groups).  Join us on that Sunday to hear about their season and what they have been doing and give them the support and encouragement and prayer they deserve.

We Want You… to be part of our staff

We are currently taking applications for Office Manager for 12 hours per week.  Judy Jones has faithfully served in this role for over 10 years, but is now needing to step back to just a couple hours per week.  We need someone who can manage the office and work alongside a wonderful staff all while serving God and His kingdom.

If this sounds like you, drop by the office to pick up an application and a job description.  If you know someone who would do well, give them a “nudge” :-).  Earning some extra spending money can be a big blessing these days, all while doing good work for God.

If you just have questions, contact Pastor Todd, our Executive Pastor, Jeff Baas, or Judy herself.  Pray that God leads us to the next staff team member.  We are excited to see who God has in mind.

Candy Donations Now Being Accepted

We are now accepting donations of candy for the upcoming Easter “Trunk Hop” Egg Hunt which will be held on Sunday March 24.  If you wish to donate, please donate small candies that can fit inside a plastic egg container.  Please make your donations by March 17. Thank you!


We need your help to show our college students that we care!

A table will be set up in the lobby on Sundays in February where you can donate items for the care packages.  Our students love and appreciated your wonderful gifts.

Ideas for items you can donate include…  Gift Cards for Coffee shops, Granola Bars, Candy, Gum, Microwave Popcorn, Hot Cocoa, Crackers or small snacks, Encouraging Notes

Our 15 college students are: Sara Baas, Josie Carlisle, Sam Carlisle,
Matthew Dunham, Haley Earles, Mitchell Kleyn, Jayme Koning,
Kyle Koning, Taylor Magierka, Harley Seelbinder, Tucker Seelbinder,
Evan Stacy, Alex Triemstra, Sam Triemstra, and Emily Voss.

Money donations to cover postage can be given to Donna Neevel or Cheryl Kemink.



What is a “Trunk Hop”?  It is an Easter Egg hunt where the children “hop” from trunk to trunk.  At each trunk, the children receive Easter eggs, but also listen to part of the Easter story of Jesus.  By the time they have gone to every trunk, they have heard all about Jesus, and they have received a craft to remind them of the stories they have heard.

Then they get to go and find even more eggs and participate in more games and crafts.  It is a wonderful day to welcome our children and our friends and neighbors.

Ask how you can help.  We need all the volunteers we can get so that we represent Jesus to our community.

Senior Breakfast (60+)

Friday, March 22 at 9am at LaRue’s Restaurant (6375 Stadium Drive).
RSVP to Marilyn at marilyn@dmboersema.net or 269.220.9254.
LaRue’s doesn’t take credit cards.

A Good Word

A Note From

About The Listening Meeting:



Thank you to all who attended the Listening Session last Sunday, February 25, 2024! It was
great to see so many people there! We received 18 separate comments, suggestions, or
appreciations. We discussed these items at the Council meeting on February 27 and wanted to
provide you with an update.
Three main ideas were presented that Council will be exploring further. These are:
1) The hiring of a Youth Pastor. Council will be looking at what various options and issues
surrounding this suggestion and exploring potential next steps.
2) Expansion into the South Parking Lot/Gymnasium. A team will be established that will
explore various ideas surrounding this exciting suggestion.
3) Fourth Sunday Feasts/Hymn Sing. Ideas surrounding leadership and logistics were
discussed. Stay tuned for more information on this!
The remaining suggestions have been submitted to staff for investigation, implementation, and/or
follow up.
Thank you all, again, for your input, suggestions, affirmations, and ideas!

Southern Heights Council


It is time to nominate those from our congregation who you would like to be considered as an Elder or Deacon.  Over the next couple months, the Elders and Deacons will prayerfully consider who will be the next leaders of our church.  Below is the list of qualifications from the Bible.  Please submit your nominations to the office (shcrc1@gmail.com) or to any current Elder or Pastor.

There are two key passages dealing with the qualifications of elders in the New Testament, 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9 [13] The qualifications are as follows: Blameless as a steward of God; above reproach; faithful spouse; temperate, sober; vigilant; sober-minded; prudent, of good behavior, orderly, respectable; given to hospitality; able to teach; not given to wine; not violent, not eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight; patient, moderate; forbearing, gentle; uncontentious, not soon angry or quick-tempered; not covetous, not a lover of money; rules his/her own house well, children are faithful, not accused of rebellion to God; not a novice or new convert; has a good rapport or reputation with outsiders; not self-willed; a lover of what is good, just, fair; holy, devout; self-controlled; holds firmly to the faithful message as it has been taught.
(Southern Heights specifically adds – no elder can be closely related to a staff member)


Would you, your family, or your Life Group be willing to pray for and communicate with one of our missionary partners in 2024?

Our Outreach Team is starting an Adopt-a-Missionary program to challenge small groups, families, and individuals to connect with a missionary family and to pray for them for a season or more. We would greatly appreciate your participation.

Southern Heights has a diverse missionary network that could use prayer and encouragement.

Contact Cheryl Kemink or Luke Deubner for more information.

Have a Praise or Prayer Request?

Click on this prayer prompter image or email deborahbos2@gmail.com and your prayer or praise will be included in our weekly Prayer Prompter, which is received and prayed over by many in our Southern Heights family. Tell us if your request is confidential and it will only be shared with elders and staff, who will confidentially pray for you.

Education Hour

Ed Hour takes place on Sundays from 9-10am.
Adults meet in the conference room for their study.
High schoolers dig into pillars of our faith.
Middle schoolers dive into questions that need good answers.
High school and middle school begin Ed Hour in the Student Room.

Deepen your faith and knowledge while having a meaningful time with your church family.

Ed Hour series for adults:

EXODUS: Dr Phillip Pointer explores the book of Exodus and the idea that even when God takes His time it doesn’t mean that He isn’t on time.  The Israelites were through the Red Sea now and it is on them to continue to walk.  God can make ways and open doors and provide for us too, but we have to put our faith in our feet and get to walking.  This is sometimes the hardest thing to do.  God has not stopped listening to the cry of those who are oppressed — His grand plan of deliverance is still being worked.

March 3 – Exodus – session 3
March 10 – Exodus – session 4
March 17 – Exodus – session 5

March 24 – no ed hour – Palm Sunday Event
March 31 – no ed hour – Easter Break
April 7 – no ed hour – Spring Break

April 14 – Exodus – session 6

1st & 3rd Wednesday Ministries

There are a lot of people here in the building on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, so bring the family and join in.  Women’s Ministry has a 10-11:30am study, (the same as the evening study, in case you can’t make one or the other).  At 5:15 there is a light pizza dinner, (donation accepted).  From 6-7:30 there are ministries for Gems and Cadets (1st to 5th grade girls and boys), Middle School Student Life, Women’s Ministry and Men’s Ministry.  Our learning, games, crafts, friendships, prayers, and Bible study all glorify God.  Come and be part of it all!

Want to Join a Life Group?

Life is better…together. Life Groups are a wonderful way to build deeper relationships with other believers. They are where you can really share your struggles together and rejoice in the successes of life. If you want to know more or wish to join a group, click on this picture or contact Tami Koning at tamikoning@yahoo.com.


If you feel the need to talk to a professional counselor, we have a confidential Church Assistance Program (CAP) with Pine Rest Mental Health Services. To get started – or for more info – call 616.455.6210 or 800.442.0809 and mention our Southern Heights CAP membership when you do.

Your Offerings to God

as of February 25, 2024

If you have questions about your giving, want a copy of your statement, or for a reminder of what your First Fruits estimate is, please email our Treasurer, Jeff Baas at jmbaas1@gmail.com. He is happy to help you.

Answer to Bible Trivia

Sola Scriptura” means “God’s Word Alone”

2 Timothy 3:16–17

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.