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Bible Humor

Who was the youngest person in the Bible to swear?

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Dear Friends,

I have spent uncanny amounts of time these past couple of weeks managing pressure.

As a family of six, we have collected a variety of bicycles over the years, and now have a shed that could easily be mistaken for a small bike shop at times.  At this time of the year, each member of the family pulls a couple out to see which one fits them right this year.  We readjust the seat, check to make sure the brakes and shifters at least sort of work, and…top off the tire pressures, which always sag through the winter.

But it isn’t just the bikes!  The sensors in our cars are pitching fits lately too!  “LOW PRESSURE WARNING” the dashboard barks every third time we turn the key.  This is quite alarming to the teenage drivers in the family!

However, pressure changes at this time of the year aren’t all that surprising, are they?  The temperature has been rising and falling these past several weeks like a sugared-up kid on a trampoline!  And that hot and cold cycle keeps confusing the tires, the weather, my sinuses, and a whole bunch of other things!  But it IS that time of the year!  And so we top off the tires, take a little allergy medicine, and make sure everything outside is bolted to the ground…and we figure out how to function in the presence of the abnormal pressure.

I’m not really writing about atmospheric pressure anymore, am I?  Guilty as charged.  This world is full of stress and pressure.  It might be the news of the day from around the world, or it might be just whatever is going on in YOUR day…but it’s easy to feel the pressure of the world around us.  And when we feel the pressure of the world around us, it’s easy to feel deflated ourselves.

If that’s you, I’ve got good news!  As we’ve been talking about in church lately, THE Spirit of God is literally the “breath” or “wind” of God Himself…which makes Him precisely what we all need to correct the air pressure in and around all of us!  When His Spirit is on & in you, the pressure of this world behaves differently.  You should join us this Sunday to hear some firsthand stories of experiences with God’s Spirit!  1030am at 4141 East Hillandale, just like every Sunday.  I can’t wait to meet you!

His…Pastor todd <><

Upcoming Events at Southern Heights

These are highlights only.  CLICK HERE to see the calendar for a full listing.

April 28 – Pizza with the Pastor

May 1 – 1st & 3rd Wednesday Ministries (no Gems or Cadets)
– 10:00am – Women’s Ministry: morning edition
– 5:15pm – Light pizza supper
– 6-7:45pm – Middle School Student Life
– 6-7:30pm – Women’s Ministry (same subject as in the morning)
– 6-7:30pm – Men’s Ministry

May 5 – Spaghetti Fundraiser after worship (For Student Mission Trip)

May 12 – Mother’s Day

May 12 – Communion

May 15 – Season Finale – 1st & 3rd Wednesday Ministries – Party Day
(No Pizza – food will be at each ministry’s party)

May 19 – Pentecost

May 19 – Student and Graduation Sunday

May 26 – Volunteer Appreciation Sunday


Sunday, April 28

If you are new around Southern Heights, Pastor Todd wants to meet with you and share lunch – on us.  Join him for some pizza immediately after worship on April 28.  You can ask questions if you want, or just chat and have a nice lunch.  Contact the office (shcrc1@gmail.com) if you are interested so we can order the right amount of pizza.  (Also let us know if you have any food restrictions.)

Spaghetti Fundraiser

For Student Ministry Mission Trip

Save the Date – May 5 – after worship for a special Spaghetti Fundraiser to raise money for the Students to go on their summer mission trip to Appalachia.  More details to come soon.

Mother’s Day

May 12 we will have a special time in the worship gathering to honor and remember our mothers.

Student Ministry and Graduation Sunday

Join us on May 19th for a special day.  We will hear about our Student Ministry and what they have been doing this season.  We will also honor our graduates – both from High School and also any other post-high graduates.

Calling all Post-High School Graduates!!

May 19 will be our Student and Graduate Sunday.  We have a good idea who our High School Seniors are, but we want to know who are our post-high graduates.

If you are going to graduate from any post-high institution; Associates, College, Trade School, Masters, PhD, or any other school; we’d love to CELEBRATE with you.  Please email the church at shcrc1@gmail.com with the information (name, and where you are graduating from) and we will be sure to include you in our May 19 celebration.

(If you know of someone, please let us know as well – we’d rather have multiple emails than miss anyone.)

Volunteer Appreciation Sunday

Southern Heights appreciates all of our volunteers.  We need you and we appreciate you.  So on this special Sunday we will have a ROOT BEER FLOAT BAR after the worship gathering to say THANK YOU.  Enjoy a root beer float with ice cream and root beer from a keg.  Lots of fun and enjoyment.

Encouragement from Scripture

Donations to “TEE Food Relief”

Templo Evangelico Emmanuel – or TEE – is our sister church in Honduras.  One of their ministries is providing food to people who live near the church.  These people have a hard time providing necessary food to live and the TEE Church buys food and delivers it to them.

This April, we are taking donations to help TEE with this important ministry.  If you would like to donate to TEE Food relief, please mark your donation with TEE Food relief or use the pre-printed envelopes on the information table.  Thank you and God Bless.

Have a Praise or Prayer Request?

Click on this prayer prompter image or email deborahbos2@gmail.com and your prayer or praise will be included in our weekly Prayer Prompter, which is received and prayed over by many in our Southern Heights family. Tell us if your request is confidential and it will only be shared with elders and staff, who will confidentially pray for you.

Education Hour

NOTE – The Education Hour (9-10am on Sundays) season will be complete at the end of April.

Student Ministries – Middle School and High School – will still have their Wednesday evening and Sunday evening gatherings until the end of May.

Ed Hour takes place on Sundays from 9-10am.
Adults meet in the conference room for their study.
High schoolers dig into pillars of our faith.
Middle schoolers dive into questions that need good answers.
High school and middle school begin Ed Hour in the Student Room.

Deepen your faith and knowledge while having a meaningful time with your church family.

Ed Hour series for adults:

April 28 – Joy Eckstein will lead a session on adoration of God in prayer

1st & 3rd Wednesday Ministries

There are a lot of people here in the building on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, so bring the family and join in.  Women’s Ministry has a 10-11:30am study, (the same as the evening study, in case you can’t make one or the other).  At 5:15 there is a light pizza dinner, (donation accepted).  From 6-7:30 there are ministries for Middle School Students, Women’s Ministry and Men’s Ministry.  Our learning, games, crafts, friendships, prayers, and Bible study all glorify God.  Come and be part of it all!

**NOTE** – Gems and Cadets (1st to 5th grade girls and boys) have finished their season and will meet again in the fall.


If you feel the need to talk to a professional counselor, we have a confidential Church Assistance Program (CAP) with Pine Rest Mental Health Services. To get started – or for more info – call 616.455.6210 or 800.442.0809 and mention our Southern Heights CAP membership when you do.

Your Offerings to God

as of April 21, 2024

If you have questions about your giving, want a copy of your statement, or for a reminder of what your First Fruits estimate is, please email our Treasurer, Jeff Baas at jmbaas1@gmail.com. He is happy to help you.

Answer to Bible Humor

JOB – He cursed the day he was born.