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What are services like?

We have a band – usually drums, bass, keys, acoustic guitar, electric guitar – some singers. All songs projected on screen. Video is used quite a bit. Songs range from uptempo rock-style to worshipful ballads. Most songs could be categorized as top 25 CCLI songs, but we also sing hymns with a contemporary twist. We have a very informal style with laughing and clapping. Jesus is at the center of what we do. Our pastor’s talks are clear and relevant and not full of jargon. His talks mostly focus on a book of the Bible with an eye toward discipleship and serving our community.

What is the community like?

Our people come from all walks of life. It is quite amazing to see a small group of people talking where one is a business leader in the community, another is living at the gospel mission temporarily and others are in assisted living. We have a lot of young families with small children, many singles. Several have formerly dropped out of “church” earlier in their life for various reasons but after finding Southern Heights, have recently joined and become active again. Because of the large variety of people, it is very welcoming and friendly. A breath of fresh air.

What if I’m not a Christian?

We love it when people come to check us out. There’s no judgmentalism here. There are currently many in attendance in various stages of finding truth. Some are just checking us out, some are interested in Jesus, but are not sure yet. Some have just decided Jesus is who they have been searching for and some have been on the journey for years learning what it means to always be a disciple of Christ.