Kalmazoo SHufflers

Half Marathon Training Group

Our Philosophy

We follow Jeff Galloway’s training method. www.jeffgalloway.com This training program is built around one increasingly longer Saturday run, which we do together as a group. We do these runs very slowly; with frequent walk breaks (run 4 minutes, walk one minute).  The purpose of the long runs is to cover longer and longer distances – building up distance endurance, but without injury. You should plan to run 2 — 4 other times per week. We can suggest how to develop a per-sonal running plan.  Walk breaks are a key com-ponent to prevent injury and enhance recovery.

We believe the social and spiritual dimensions of training are also important. We support each other and make friends. We welcome people of any and all faiths to join the SHufflers. We meet at the Portage Bicentennial Park trail in Jan and Feb, then move to the Kal Haven Trail.

All group-training runs are held (rain, snow or shine) on Saturday mornings–watch for weekly emails for both time and place. The weekly long run schedule we will follow is included in this brochure. There is no fee to join this group!!

If you have questions or think this is something you might be seriously interested in pursuing, contact Dan Sarkipatoat(269)808-1069, or by email atkalamazoo.shufflers@gmail.com 



*our methodology is to run 4 minutes, walk one minute

Our History and Methodology

In 2002, five Kalamazoo area runners [of very different running abilities] joined together to support each other as they trained for the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, MI.  –  none had attempted a marathon before.  The philosophy, based on the Jeff Galloway marathon training method for injury free training (www.jeffgalloway.com), was to run them slowly with walk breaks every mile while increasing weekly distance.  During the week, each trained according to their personal running goals.

To cap off the training, the group ran 26 miles three weeks before the marathon to give them the confidence that they could finish well. All five finished the Bayshore healthy and all went on to complete at least one more marathon!

In post-marathon reflecting on the preparation, they doubted if any of them alone could have alone done the training necessary – it was amazing the mutual support given to each other to achieve their necessary training.  All agreed that having the company and support of the group made the training both endurable and enjoyable.

The Kalamazoo SHufflers Kalamazoo Marathon/ Half Marathon Training Schedule is for people who want to successfully complete a half marathon,  and for people who have completed a race and would like to help and encourage others – IS that YOU?

Prerequisite: If you can walk/run 3 miles on December , 2018

Outcome: You can complete a half marathon by May 5, 2019

SHufflers Training Schedule

To be ready to begin this program: Half Marathoners should average 10-12 miles/week in December.

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SHufflers Registration

Email Date, Name, Best Phone #, Email to: Kalamazoo.shufflers@gmail.com

OR Text Date, Name, Best Phone #, Email to:  269-808-1069

OR send Date, Name, Best Phone #, Email to: Southern Heights Church 4141 E. Hillandale  Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Contact Information

If you have questions contact kalamazoo.shufflers@gmail.com

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Jeff Galloway website: http://www.jeffgalloway.com

Kalamzoo Marathon/Brogess Runs website: http://thekalamazoomarathon.com

Happy running!