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Last Summer we had a wonderful experience with our “Touring Israel” series.  We “traveled” to different cities in Israel.  We saw pictures and videos and put ourselves in the location of places in the Bible.

We liked it so much that this summer we will be:
“Touring BEYOND Israel”
Travel with us as we experience the spread of Christianity starting from Jerusalem on Pentecost (June 4) and continuing to Judea and to the ends of the earth.  We will travel with Paul and the apostles as they work to spread the good news of Jesus throughout the region.  We will travel from Israel to modern day Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, and Italy and see the places where the Church of Jesus began it’s worldwide spread.
Wear your shorts and sandals if you want. (it’s going to be hot).  We will have passports for all of our locations and they will be stamped each week.  Since it’s hard to carry around big electronic instruments, our worship in song will be with guitar and other portables so we can travel lightly.
The children will stay with us on our journeys.  We want them to experience these places with us, so we will have special experiences just for the little ones every Sunday as well.
This is going to be very exiting.  Invite your friends and experience the places of the early Church in more detail.  You’ll read the Bible in a whole new light.  This summer we will be “Touring BEYOND Israel”