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Have you ever thought, “I’d love to discuss this topic, but it’s not something that you can talk about in a church”?

This is the place for all those “Dangerous” topics that would seem to be off-limits.  The world we live in is complicated, sometimes confusing, and there are many issues that come up that don’t have easy answers.   We need to be open to all of these topics and have a venue to safely discuss items that may be controversial.  We need a place to talk and sort out all the pieces to the puzzle.  And we need a place to do it where we don’t have to have everything already worked out, and we won’t be judged for not having a quick answer for a hard question.

Here are the “Norms” for each meeting:

Equitable airtime – keeping comments short and considering how many comments you make so that everyone gets a chance to give their ideas and opinions.

Confidentiality – not associating a person with the ideas presented when speaking outside the group.

Respectful – not using “us” and “them” language, but “I think, feel, believe, wonder” language and speaking in a way that respects other people’s perspectives and feelings.

Careful listening – paying attention to what the speaker is saying rather than planning a response.


Please consider joining us.  We need all the viewpoints possible, we want YOUR viewpoint in the mix.

We meet on alternate Wednesday evenings from 6:15 to 7:15 (Nursery is provided if needed).  Here is the schedule for the 2016-2017 meetings:

Sept 14 – Black Lives Matter

Sept 28 – Transgender

Oct 12 – Voting

Oct 26 –

Nov 9 –

Nov 30 –

Dec 14 –

Jan 11, 2017 –

Jan 18 –

Feb 8 –

Feb 22 –

Mar 8 –

Mar 22 –